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About Priyanka

Hi there,

My name is Priyanka, the blogger behind L’aura Rose. Being a skincare fanatic and haircare aficionado, I love everything cognate to skin and haircare and tend to verbalize about it a lot. Also, I have a penchant for writing, hence decided to commence this blog where I can share my thoughts and ideas about products I use, I love or in some cases don’t love. This blog covers veracious beauty product reviews that help you understand a particular product in a better manner.
This space will additionally cover wellness cognate articles.
In short, this blog is going to be frolicsome as well as informative that will help you to choose products wisely!
I would also love to hear from all of you…so feel free to comment and share your experiences, suggestions and thoughts.

Disclaimer :
Skin & haircare is terrifically subjective !
Please keep in mind that one person’s HG product can always trigger allergy or simply might not work for another person. Therefore, always go for a patch test & go through the list of ingredients before investing in a product. Trial and Error is always the key to finding your HG/miracle product ! Last but not the least !!! Do not skip a SUNSCREEN even if you are indoors. No skincare product will work if you avoid Sunscreen. It is absolutely indispensable.
Love you all !


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