Correct Way To Clean Your Face

Correct Way To Clean Your Face

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We think that cleaning the face is the easiest part of our daily beauty routine, but it’s not that easy.We need to follow some rules while cleaning and washing our face.

In the morning,when you wash your face with your favorite face wash
✔️ Clean your hands with a hand wash just before that.

✔️ Wet your face by splashing lukewarm warm water with your hands. Using very hot/cold water can be abrasive to your skin. So lukewarm water is the best choice as it won’t cause any irritation.

✔️Wet your face so that the face wash glides easily. This will prevent you from having to use too much.

✔️Apply face wash in circular motion for a minute,making sure the entire face is covered. Also wash your neck along with your face.

✔️Avoid the eye area.There are few face washes which can be used around the eye area too.Read the instructions before buying/using.

✔️Use lukewarm water to rinse your face to wash away all traces of your cleanser.Use a soft face cloth/face towel to pat your face dry.Do not rub.Always use a clean face cloth everytime.

✔️In the evening, no matter how late you get home from work, from a party,a date or any other event,the first thing you should do is clean and wash your face.

✔️To remove stubborn mascara, eyeliner or kohl,do use a seperate eye makeup remover. Do not use micellar water to remove your eye makeup

✔️After removing your eye makeup,clean your face with a face makeup remover/cleansing cream/oil/balm/micellar water that suits your skin type.Then wash your face as mentioned above,followed by a toner,serum(optional)and a night cream/moisturiser. Do not forget to moisturise your neck as well.
Daily allow yourself to nourish your face. Those who are staying at home should also follow CTM routine strictly.
If you are able to establish a good skin care routine,you will surely see a positive change in your skin.

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