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Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water

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Avène Thermal Spring Water 💦 is great for all types of sensitive skin! Even acne-prone skin gonna love this one.

💧It helps tame redness and itchiness like a charm ✨💫
I toss one in my bag and also keep one at my office desk and reach for this refreshing mist whenever my skin feels dry & dehydrated or anytime I need a wake-up call!
The mist has been formulated impeccably with pure thermal spring water, Silicates, Magnesium and Calcium to soothe irritated and angry skin.

You can use it ⬇️

💧after washing your face
💧after threading & waxing
💧after shaving
💧after sunburn
💧after sports activities
It is extremely travels friendly and available in 3 sizes on @mynykaa.

💧It also heals wounds and baby diaper rashes ( as claimed by the brand! however, I won’t be able to comment on it)
🦋It is devoid of fragrance and sulphate.
I don’t remember exactly how many bottles I have emptied😆
This gem has my heart and I really can’t do without this mist!

If you have tried @vichylaboratoires @vichyusa Spring Water. I am sure you gonna love this too!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! Available at Nykaa.com

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