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Deyga Organics Rose Deodorant

Deyga Organics Rose Deodorant

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Deyga Organics Rose Deodorant ?
Naturally formulated,this Rose deodorant stick from the house of @deyga_organics lends a delightful aroma of fresh Roses procured from dewy essence of crushed Rose petals.
This homegrown deo stick is made with some impressive ingredients namely
?Rose Essential Oil
?Shea Butter
?Kaolin Clay
?Extra Virgin Olive Coconut Oil
?Vitamin E Oil

It eliminates foul body odour and doesn’t interfere the natural detoxifying process of the body. It absorbs sweat instead of blocking it.
The scent stays for 2 -3 hours and keeps underarms fresh and dry all day.
Apply directly on armpits,hands or anywhere as per your requirement.
A little goes a long way ?

**Gifted : Opinions expressed are solely my own
Capacity : 100 ML
Price : ₹650.00
Please Note : If you are using natural deo for the first time, your body may take some time to adapt to it.
The skin will undergo detox before adjusting to an organic deodorant.

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