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Floral Herb Mix

Floral Herb Mix

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De-stress & Steam your way to softer,brighter and clearer skin with @veryyberryyy FLORAL HERB MIX —
It is a potent mix of dried and desi .
✔️Marigold flower petals
✔️Rose flower petals
✔️Green tea leaves
✔️Neem leaves ✔️Lavender buds
You can use it in different ways
? you can use it to for deep pore cleansing
?You can tighten your pores by making ice cubes to get a youthful glow
?Use can also use it as a dip for Manicure and Pedicure to soften your skin and tan removal.
?I am even thinking of using it in powdered face packs (although it has not been mentioned by the brand).
I have already taken facial steam by boiling the herbs in water and got some fabulous results.
✔️ It literally draws out impurities by unclogging facial pores to reveal a healthy glow.
✔️It also brightens and makes the skin extremely soft and supple.
✔️It tackles skin redness as well.
✔️It curbs excess oil production
✔️It eliminates acne spots to a great extent.

I always talk of skin redness because my skin is allergic to Yeast (whenever I eat bread or biscuits/drink wine, my facial skin develops tiny red bumps). .
Steps :
✔️Wash your face with a face wash of your choice, preferably mild.
✔️Take facial steam
✔️ Follow it with a mask for better results. Whatever product you put on after a facial steam is able to penetrate much deeper. I usually apply a Rose infused clay mask to soothe my skin
✔️Rinse off,pat dry,tone and moisturise.
?This Floral Herb Mix also reduces chances of pimples and acne.
So this can be used by All Skin Types.
I would highly recommend to incorporate this mix in your skin care routine to see the difference.



I will be sharing skin icing results with on Instagram.

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