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Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Juice

Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Juice

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Luxurious Ayurveda – Made In India
Forest Essentials Aloe Vera juice is a multi-tasker and can be used in myriad of ways.
Loaded with organic Aloe Vera & Vitamin E , this bottle of goodness .
? leaves skin bouncy and hydrated
? can be used on its own as a toner ? can be used as a mixture with UBTANS to nourish & cleanse
? reduces skin inflammations and soothes skin irritation and skin redness instantly
? treats blemishes
? reduces breakouts to a great extent ? heals damaged skin & stimulates skin regeneration.
? imparts glow to the skin
? heals sunburn
This product is suitable for All Skin Types but even natural ingredient like Aloe Vera can be allergic to some people,hence a patch test is recommended.
I use it after cleansing and toning to add an extra layer of hydration and also to calm and soothe my skin. Then follow it with serums/moisturiser/night cream.
Take 3-4 drops between your palms and pat all over your skin.

People who are using N95 masks and developing redness because of that,can give this product a shot!
Oily Skin : People with very oily skin can use it as a moisturiser in extreme hot and humid weather (ideally a moisturiser should always be used after cleansing and toning)
If you are using during the day don’t forget to use a broad spectrum sunscreen post this.

This @forestessentials Aloe Vera can also be added to your diy hair packs to achieve soft and manageable hair.
I added few drops of this Aloe Vera juice to banana pulp to prepare a quick and easy hair mask which I will be sharing in my stories.

You can prepare many such hair masks with this Aloe Vera juice according to your hair type.

Overall,this is a brilliant product by Forest Essentials and I would highly recommend it to everyone!
It is a must have in your skincare vanity! .

100 ml retails for ₹ 575

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