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Forest Essentials Sun Fluid Sunscreen

Forest Essentials Sun Fluid Sunscreen

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Being a sunscreen addict I am always on the qui – vive for new sunscreens.

I have been using FE sunscreen for almost 2 years now and today I will be sharing my thoughts about this cult favourite✍️

@forestessentials Sun Fluid settles in beautifully without leaving a white resudue and lends a dewy finish to my skin which I absolutely love.
It has some potent ingredients namely

✔️Olive Oil
✔️Aloe Vera
✔️Sweet Almond Oil
✔️Tender Coconut Water
✔️Green Tea Extract
✔️Marigold Flower Extract
✔️Raw Honey 🍯
that soothe and calm skin and leave skin sheer, lustrous and hydrated.

It ultilizes Yashad Bhasma ( which is basically Zinc Oxide) — a natural form of SPF that leaves the skin with a veil of aegis.It also contains chemical filters like Avobenzone & Octocrylene!

What makes this Sunscreen stand out from the rest is the watery consistency which I absolutely adore.
This natural broad spectrum sunscreen has an SPF of 50/ PA ++which is true and claims to offer 4-6 hours of intensive protection
However,any sunscreen has to be re-applied frequently in case of perpetuated exposure.

Forest Essentials Sun Fluid gives a luminescent, sun-kissed finish after application
It also contains HA & Vitamin E and leaves skin soft,hydrated,soothed and protected from sun damage.

FE sunscreen is perfectly suitable for Normal to Dry & Very Dry Skin💖
Oily skin can shy away from this one!
I use this sunscreen when I spend long hours in AC rooms

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen indoors as harmful sun rays penetrates windows and blue-light from laptops & smartphones can damage skin.

It’s a great indoors sunscreen.
It’s certainly a repurchase for me and I highly recommend this product as well !

50 ML priced at ₹1175.00
Available @mynykaa

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