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Juicy Chemistry Saffron & Red Raspberry Day Facial Oil

Juicy Chemistry Saffron & Red Raspberry Day Facial Oil

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Juicy Chemistry Saffron & Red Raspberry illuminating & moisturizing day facial oil ✨

This oil is packed with a plethora of antioxidants & plant vitamins and has some stunning ingredients namely

✨ Sunflower seed
✨ Raspberry Seed
✨ Hemp Seed
✨ Camellia Seed
✨ Argan

? Essential Oils
✨ Geranium
✨ Sandalwood
✨ Jasmine

? Extracts
✨ Saffron Petal
✨ Rosemary

My thoughts and experience ✍️
? This miraculous oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin
? Enhances skin brightness and skin remains soft and supple for long hours
? Improves skin texture over time
? Protects against free radicals
? Soothes and calms the skin
? Reduces fine lines
? Makes skin even – toned & luminous

Who is it for ?

⚡This will suit dry combination ,dry and mature skin.

⚡Oily skin can give this one a shot during winter months.

⚡Acne prone skin can give this oil a miss

⚡A patch test is highly recommended

Usage :
Use this quick-absorbing oil in your AM routine as your daily moisturizer after cleansing.
Apply on damp skin.
Follow it with a broad -spectrum sunscreen.
I usually follow it with my current favourite Qurez sunscreen or Pure By Priyanka Sunscreen.
I am a sucker for facial oils and they have always worked for my skin
This facial oil has definitely found a permanent place in my skincare arsenal?

It has few essential oils but the concentration of these are within dermal limits.If you dislike essential oils (as few essential oils can act as skin sensitizers )you can skip this one.

If you have oily/oily acne-prone skin,you still can incorporate facial oils in your skin care routines.
JC Hemp seed oil & Rosehip oil are great options for oily acne prone skin.

The oil is
??% natural
? vegan
? cruelty-free
? preservative-free

10ML retails for ₹650.00
30 ML retails for ₹1650.00

Discount Code : Avail 10% discount on Juicy Chemistry products while shopping from @sublimelifeofficial

I would give it 10/10! YEET!?????

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