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YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve

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My Experience ✍️
I am on my second tub of this therapeutic salve and I love this with every bit of my heart ?
The first thing that fascinates me about @ybpcosmetics skin salve is its unique aroma.
Somehow I am addicted to this distinct aroma as it soothes my senses.
Now,let me tell you what this ultra- emollient overnight plant remedy did for my skin.
I have not tested this product on anyone else so I can only share my experience with you all.
?It hydrated and
nourished my dry combination skin
?It alleviated skin redness
?It reduced skin itchiness
?It diminished fine lines
?It firmed my skin even more
?It cured few breakouts that I got (owing to yeast allergy! otherwise my skin is not prone to acne)
?It made my skin more healthy,plump, luminous and radiant
?It tightened skin pores.
Key Ingredients :

This waterless moisturising balm is infused and enriched with
?Blue Tansy Oil
?Babchi Oil
?Carrot Seed Oil
?Shea Butter
?Rice bran extract ? Marshmallow root extract ?Licorice root
?Rapeseed Oil
?Rosehip Oil
Usage :
The texture is extremely dense so should be used in your PM skincare routine only.
The tiny granules/lumps( as shown in the texture shot)melts into the skin effortlessly.
After washing your face thoroughly,spritz your favourite hydrosol/face mist and apply a pea size amount on your face,neck and chest.
It is better not to exfoliate your skin in the same routine.
Currently I am using YBP Hydrating serum face mist and don’t use any other product in the same routine to see remarkable results.

What do you think folks? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section ??
I have already repurchased a second tub and will keep on purchasing!
People having dry,dull, dehydrated and pigmented skin should definitely give this versatile product a shot !

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Capacity : 50 ML

Price : ₹2780.00

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