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Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

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KIEHL’S Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution ?

This is one of my favourite picks from the house of Kiehl’s and I love how this clear watery serum efficaciously fades and lightens
✨ pigmentation
✨ sun spots
✨ hyperpigmentation including acne spots and other age spots
This brilliant serum is infused with 3 potent ingredients
?Activated C
?White Birch Extract
?Peony Extract

?that help brighten skin overtime for a more radiant and even skin tone.
?Itlso eliminates dullness and can be used for spot application or over entire face,neck and chest.
?Can also be used on hands.
?CCDSS has to be used regularly in AM and PM routine followed by a suitable moisturiser / cream to see visible correction and clarity.
?Please do not forget to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen during the day.
If you don’t incorporate a proper broad spectrum Sunscreen in your skincare routine,then you won’t see any result.
I started seeing results quite fast and results were remarkable when I used it in conjunction with @kiehls PSLR concentrate (Kiehl’s Vitamin C Serum)
There can be so many reasons for dark spots. You need to find out the reason first.
What has worked for me might not work for you,so please go through the list of ingredients carefully before purchasing any product.
Try and collect a sample first,use it and then only go for the entire bottle.
This will suit All Skin Types including oily and sensitive skin.

Capacity : 30 ML

Price : ₹4,450.00

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