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Pure By Priyanka Red Toner

Pure By Priyanka Red Toner

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Pamper and plump your dry,dull and tired skin with yet another effective toner by Pure By Priyanka.
Red toner is enriched with Rose petals, Hibiscus Flower Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid,Raw Honey,Aloe Vera,Neem Extracts and many such other miraculous ingredients.( Do visit the website to go through the full list of ingredients)

My experience :

All these (the above mentioned ingredients) make Red toner an ideal toner for Dry Skin and Rosacea prone skin.
?It reveals a younger and smoother looking complexion owing to the presence of Hibiscus.Hibiscus extracts purify the skin efficaciously and help control acne breakouts.

?Rose petals improve complexion and reduce skin redness due it’s anti- bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

?Red toner also reduces puffiness

?Regular application eliminates fine lines

?You too can incorporate this hydrating toner in your AM and PM routine to see noticeable difference and improvement in your skin!

?The toner is devoid of artificial fragrance and color and the refreshing scent immediately uplifts your mood and makes you feel happier !

I am definitely going to repurchase this beauty and recommend this to people with dry,dull/lifeless skin, blemish prone and rosacea prone skin!

I don’t spritz this toner! I prefer to apply it with the help of a cotton pad to avoid eye irritation.

Even natural ingredients can trigger allergic reactions.
Hence,go through the ingredients before purchasing!
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Happy Skincare !

Capacity :100 ML

Price : ₹620.00

Key Ingredients :

Rose Petals, Hibiscus Extract, Carrot Root Extract, Rosemary Root Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Geranium Oil,Irish Moss Extract.

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