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Juicy Chemistry Green Apple Water

Juicy Chemistry Green Apple Water

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My Thoughts ✍️
This gem from the house of @juicy_chemistry is perfect for people with mature skin. If you are on the lookout for a good organic anti-ageing skin toner,then your search ends here.
This toner is loaded with the goodness of Green Apple and Green Apples is rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C. This densely packed anti-oxidant rich facial mist .

🍁promotes an even toned complexion

🍁tightens & tones the skin

🍁moisturises and nourishes skin

🍁heals & improves skin texture

🍁boosts collagen and enhances skin elasticity

🍁protects skin against UV damage

🍏 Green Apples have excellent astringent properties. This toning mist keeps skin healthy, radiant,younger and firmer.
Use this twice a day by incorporating the product in your skincare routine and notice visible difference after few weeks 😊
I highly highly recommend this ! Suitable for all skin types. Excellent for dry and mature skin.

Capacity : 100ml

Price : ₹750

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