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YBP Pure Argan Oil

YBP Pure Argan Oil

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This versatile Moroccan Liquid Gold is 100 percent natural,pure and I am totally smitten by this captivating beauty?

This oil can be used in multiple ways and has multitude of benefits ??

✨It moisturises skin without clogging pores
✨It helps remove makeup efficaciously ( although I prefer to use a separate makeup remover for my eyes).
✨It is an excellent oil for nourishing those dry ends of your hair
✨It reduces under eye dark circles upon regular application
✨Pure Argan Oil hydrates and nourishes dry and chapped lips
✨It eliminates fine lines.
✨It improves skin texture and makes the skin firmer and supple
✨It also eliminates acne scars and blemishes
✨It helps alleviate acne and soothes inflamation
✨It also makes dry hair more manageable and controls frizz
✨It can also be added to your face packs for extra nourishment.
✨It can be added to your favourite foundation to achieve a dewy finish

YBP Pure Argan Oil is suitable for all skin types including acne prone skin.
If you are skeptical about it,then please go for the travel size first.
If you want to incorporate a facial oil in your skin care routine,you can do that by incorporating Argan Oil in your routine.
Usage ✨✨✨✨
AM routine : Cleanse,hydrate with a toner and apply 3 drops of Argan oil on damp skin.
Follow it with a broad spectrum sunscreen.
PM routine : Double cleanse ,hydrate with a toner, apply few drops on damp skin and leave overnight to work its magic.
You can perform your Gua Sha ritual after applying this oil as well ?

I highly recommend this product !
Would I repurchase ? A resounding YES ! ?

10 ML retails for ₹800.00

30 ML retails for ₹1600.00

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